About us

At Hope Kids Cyber Classroom (HopeKCC), we blend technology with Christian values to nurture a vibrant learning family. Children, college and grad students, and professionals unite, inspired by our YMCA-like mission with a tech twist. Through engaging counselor-led classes and tech-talks, alongside mentorship from college, grad, and high school seniors, we ignite young minds to thrive and grow within a caring atmosphere. Together, we’re crafting a brighter tomorrow through innovative education and community bonds.


Engaging and informative tech workshops for kids

Sarah K.

The personalized mentorship at HopeKCC has been invaluable

Alex M.

The supportive community at HopeKCC has been amazing

Ethan J.

Your donations power HopeKCC’s tech-driven programs, mentorship, and resources, fostering growth in a nurturing digital space.